My only constant

When I first thought of this post in my head, I thought of it being sad and poetic.
It is easy for me to tap into that side of me…for many reasons.
It is not always easy to tap into the happy, unchallenged side.
This side is where I think of all the good in my life and not question any of it, but accept it.
Accept it for exactly what it is.
I have been blessed by the Lord, and my angels.
The year has been filled with growth and understanding, wishes have come true.
It is time for me to step back and say “thank you”.
Being grateful is the start of many chapters and the closing of many others.
Thank you mom for being my reminder, for constantly reminding me of where we once were.
We were once in a place of desperation and pure unhappiness.
We were once tools to the things of the Earth and never of higher powers.
I thank you for reminding me how far I have come.
To the world and fate, thank you.
For always being on my side.
For showing me that tests are growth,challenges are weapons and hard work is okay.
Thank you for always shoving me in the “wrong” direction so I can figure out how to get “onto the path”again.
To judgement, thank you for always being at the back of my mind and not in the fore front.
You have lessened the stress of me having to think of you before I accomplish challenges.
To my only constant, life
Thank you for being with me everyday and reminding me to live!
It is not an easy road, but I do not know it as anything else, so thank you.
The harder it is, the more normal it seems.
The easier it is, the less normal it seems and, as you know, I enjoy normality.
Thank you for granting me my normal.
And love, oh love, what would I do without you?




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