The truth about love

For me, 

As I grow and face different situations in my life, 

I am learning more about my self and my view on love,

While I am also well aware that this may change in a few years time…

The flaws of life, are reflected in the beauty love brings.

The dares that you were once held ransom to become truths in love.

The criteria you once held closer than your Bible gets thrown out the window and the exact opposite happens.

“He better have good hair, great shoes and must be taller than me..”

“She has just got to cook better than my mother- or else…”

All this means nothing to the truth.

The criteria you once held closer than your Bible gets thrown out the window and the exact opposite happens.

In the door enters a challenge of combining two minds together,

Trying by all means to keep a smile on a face,

Making sure all the tips given in the magazine and online advise site are right!

No time at all to check the shoes and the hair- by the time it hits you between your forehead,

Your eyes are already blinded by the truth of love.

It is bigger than us, it is bigger than what you want and what I want.

It is about what works and makes life easier and better to be living.

Once you cross the bridge of “I am not happy” and you truly feel it,

Then no matter how much you love, the truth will haunt you and you will mess up more than you would have if you were honest with yourself.

The truth is about being free, it is about being present,

But importantly it is about holding your own heart in your hand.

Let go of his heart- drop it, drop it…

heart in hand

It is back in his arms and to see the smile on his face when he realises he has his blood pump again…

That, that in love, should be enough to keep you in love or to let go.

To know that one gives you their heart because they want to and not because you have it to feast off of…

..that is the most liberating feeling.

I must admit, I easily fall in love and luckily I have always fallen in love with all the right people.

People who have taught me to embrace myself and take care of my belief of love.

In all those years, I have not desired to hold on to someone’s heart and ’til death do me part from Earth…

…I will hold onto my heart and let the hearts of others to run free.


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