Who inspires you?

This life has pulled me in,

Sucked me in like the Titanic sinking in the middle of nothing and saved by no-one.

This life has not allowed me the chance to sink up and be heard,

At least as many times as I needed it to, so that I can be saved.

But then again, who was there to inspire me?

Who was there to shove me out of my day dream and pull me out of dreamland?

Who did I need to be there?

Questions asked, answers not there.

In my darkest hour, who pulls me out?

Is it the words uttered by others? Is it the smile on my families face?

Is it your memory? Or is it the truth about you that I miss?

Again, all questions- my mind needs to make up answers.

All I can feel right now is that I am back…

…back to my home, where I can write and feel free.

A smile on my face for many reasons.

Mother & child- the new chapter of my life

Mother & Child



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