Advice for the broken- hearted

I know it is hard.

I remember when he said: “I do not want you in my life anymore. I will be happy without you.”

I remember how my tears did not even knock to come out my eyes.

They dropped like a bad day in the office- a bad year in the office.

I remember how I just could not believe that he said that with conviction in his voice.

He was on the phone when he told me- and I had no reason not to cry.

Anthony Hamilton was my comfort- for many rides to and from work.

I did not understand.

But what I did believe was that: ONE DAY, I WILL BE FINE.

At that time,

It was night time all day. It was raining all morning, it was winter all year long.

I could not make him love me

But deep down, in my most silent moment- I did not want to make him love me.

He either did- or he didn’t.

In this case: he did not anymore.

My heart was broken, my heart beat was almost out of sync, my body was old, my mind was missing.

All my thoughts just did not add up.

But one day, in the mists of walking in the forest and realising that I am alone…

…reality hit me.

I am alone

That was the fact, the truth of the matter.

It is either I took it or I killed it.

And today I live, with a smile in my heart.

There is no reason to believe you cannot live without someone.

There is no reason to live like you know your dying day.

There is absolutely no way you will not find love again.

“Open yourself up to the world, and it will open its self up to you.

Please, be happy

Be free to be happy


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