” You are walking in the valley of the dark.

There is no light where you stand- only darkness.

The wind is cold and the air is as icy as the fields you walk on.

I am telling you, this is going to take you a huge step back.

This will be the end of the future you had once planned.

I cannot believe you believe in yourself this much.

So much so that you have a smile on your face.

You are a failure- just because of this- you have failed!

Stop and bury yourself or live and be buried.”

That is what you are telling Β me, unfortunately I am stronger than that.

And yes, you are right!

I believe in myself so much that I have a smile on my face.

With no regret.

I take in breath and breathe it out.

No ice.

I walk and I feel the warmth beneath my feet and melt your judgement.

What you have mistaken to highlight is that: this journey of mine has started with ambition, something you cannot teach.

I have ambition now and will have even more ambition after the time.

Step by step I will walk, I will rise.

Small steps that will be filled with harsh words, sore eyes, belittling comments, lost opportunities…

…I know all of that, but my aim IS TO RISE…

…rise beyond the judgement, the hate, the jealousy, the pain, the disappointment, the worry and grasp the small opportunity of hope and enter that big door of success.

I love myself enough to know when to stop beating myself up and acknowledging my self worth up.

*This is for all of us who feel we are being pressured by the opinions and thoughts of other people- LET IT GO!



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