Good old fact file: Katlego Ledimo

1. Your biggest crush (dead or alive)?

Teko Tsholofelo Modise and soon Andile Jali

I guess we should have not asked that one…

2. What makes you smile?

Seeing a smile on my siblings faces and being assured that they are happy (even momentarily).

The truth in its purest form

Knowing what I mean to the life of any living person.

3. What makes you cry?

Thinking about my mother

Listening to good music

Watching Planet of the Apes

Being treated unfairly

4. Your dream (s)…

To make a living out of my creative thinking

To be happy and have peace within my heart

To be successful

5. Definition of success?

Being happy with yourself and what you have achieved in your own life.

Having peace and happiness in your “alone time”

Understanding that everything happens for a reason and accepting the situation you are faced with, with a smile of hope.

6. Biggest challenge so far

Losing my mother and having to continue living

Balancing work, life, relationships and my own happiness.

7. Favourite colour

After many years of listing 6-7 colours when asked this, I have realised that my most favourite is brown

8. Musician (of all time)

Anthony Hamilton

9. Best feature about you?

My brain and the way it has been designed to think. (I am blown away by the things I think and do subsequent to my thinking)

10. Where will you be in 2015?

Wow, I will still be pretty young then and I think I will be in a happier place. A place where I am used to the challenges of my life to a point where they have become normal.

Last words…

Life has been filled with what I have made of it. At a young age, I have welcomed a lot of challenges that I believe have already made me a better person. My life is a place of learning, loving and living!

I agree that I make errors, but I account for them. It is not always in the way you would like, but I face my demons and try by all means to get over them, or at least reach a truce.

My main aim in this life is to reach peace and happiness.

All about me

All about me


One thought on “Good old fact file: Katlego Ledimo

  1. LOL, so you finally admit that you have a crush on Teko :’D. Anyway.. Love the second answer. Touched my heart. We love you.

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