Nothing lasts forever

Hello there,

I have been meaning to write.

It has been on my mind for so long- just like all the things that I need to do.

Yesterday, I finally broke down.

I stopped the car, got out, walked away and took time out to be with myself and my feelings.

Tears dropped, they fell like rain hitting the top of a zinc roof.

They hit my heart hard and I fell victim to reality.

I am sorry for staying away for so long.

No hello, no goodbye….nothing.

The silence has been building up.

It built up long enough that it gained a voice and started to scream.

I am back now.

Forgive me please…





One thought on “Nothing lasts forever

  1. That’s deep! Sometimes it’s good to have that time,because we always hold it inside and tell ourselves we are strong-It’s good & I love it!

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