Rainbow after the storm

The tears from my eyes always mean something.

They fall because that is how God has designed pain to feel.

It is cold, and long but once it falls, it gets weaker and soon it ends.

My life is a translation of all that He had hoped for me.

And I have grown to love and appreciate that.

It was not always like this.

It was hard, there were enemies disguised as family, thoughts that were evil.

This was the most difficult phase of my life_called growing up.

Growing up…

…you face the most awkward situations.

…you find yourself having to answer to questions that mean absolutely nothing to you (or so you think)

…you cry and hate and dislike and then like again.

Growing up you become a better person, not only for your sake.

(mostly for your own sake)

But, also for the people you will encounter in your life.

You may look at me, and want to fix X, Y and Z

But I have been through enough!

I have seen the end of the world and had to begin anew.

Rebuild and start my own way…a whole new track.

It is not easy to guide yourself, and keep redefining yourself.

With Him by my side, it has been much, much better.

I have angels in my life that are disguised as people, that have no idea the effect they have in my daily life.

I have blessings disguised as true blessings.

I have happiness, translated in  my smile, not in tears.

My rainbow has come,

this time to stay?

Words spoken from the heart cannot be questioned.



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