A love letter to you

To me, my writing reflects exactly who I am.

The reasons that make me write are influenced by what happens in my life.

But most importantly, what touches my soul.

Not many things get there.

The past years have been filled with events that have touched me to the deepest parts of my being. And through those times I have found strength.

The biggest blessing I found was You.

He granted me You.

The letter begins:

To Lesedi and Keabetswe,

I have actually just taken a pause, because so much emotion floods to my heart and eyes when I think about you.

Anyone who is my life who does not know about you- cannot be true.

The letter begins, and I have no words- I have no words meaningful enough to describe you.

Just a smile in my soul, a prayer in my heart and tears in my eyes.

(Pulling myself together to remember the purpose of this piece)

Thank you Lesedi,

For being the male figure in my life that gives me hope for tomorrow.

For being my light.

You are the guy that smiles through every situation and you see only the good in this life.

Your spirit is clean, and honest and true- it reminds me of the image of an angel.

Each time we have had time to sit down, I get inspired to be better.

Each time I have seen you cry, I have been inspired to work harder than ever.

To make sure that you know that I have not lost hope in myself.

Lesedi, the gift of light










Thank you Keabetswe,

For being the young lady that makes sure I appreciate the present and that I live!

For being the gift in my life.

There have been times where I could not see the end of the day,

But a bbm from you, and laughter was alive in me again, a smile.

You make me realise that all the happiness I need is within myself.

And that all the “faults” are temporary, they too shall pass.

Keabetswe, the sister you wish you had











Thank you mother:

For granting me these two human beings,

They have constantly managed to fill my cup of life.

Thank you for leaving them in the condition you have, I have had to whip them into shape- but not too much.

You are looking after us, even though you are so far.

We will see you soon.

All of us in one place.

Glory be to that day.

I love you all


3 thoughts on “A love letter to you

  1. Wow …MST say for the first time i took a chance to go online nd view your website .. Nd am impressed …Love letter made me share a tear… Its true if one had expérience a loose of a Mother he-shé grows enomuosly in Emotion , spirit nd physically.. I MST say i love de sensé of Zeal, positivity nd charisma û have. You wer born with it Gal.. As CN jst imagine û bein infront of a number of Young nd old ppl. Û addressing nd being a role model. Û hav dis splint célèb fetigue. Û goin places my love . Keep on keepin on … Love Cebz

  2. What a piece my girl! You are appreciated, very much so. Keep up the chirisma and positive energy. And never forgetting that your are truely loved and blessed. Much love

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