Headspace_something different

Any athlete can testify that there are days when all you can do is sleep.

But then the chocolate you ate last night comes back to haunt you.

And you pull your clothes together, tie the takkies tight and get on the road.

There are also days when your feet are just heavy and your chest is failing you,

but your mind is sharp and ready,

and I promise you, you will run your usual road faster and more productively than ever.

Then there are those days where, your feet are feather light, your chest is water clear and your mind is stuck in the slums.

On that day, that day, you will not move an inch.

This is life.

On that day of sorrow and pure slum mode, your mind does not allow you to be who you can be.

It just tilts your body to fall off the wrong side of the bed.

And indeed you fall.

Of all the things in the world, between nature and love and money.

There is this constant…

…the thing that seems to control you without you actually knowing it or acknowledging it.

It is your headspace,

literally: where your head is.

If it is in cold water, freezing its brain cells off, then that is where your being is at.

And if it is in the sun, frying, with sweat rolling down the sides of your head, then that is where your being is.

Again, if it is in a peaceful corner, with great music and great surroundings, then that too is where your being is.

The space where your head is…

…a great influence in my life.

See how where your head is, reflects or affects who you come across as.

Does it even matter?

(letting you think about it)











One thought on “Headspace_something different

  1. Powerful Powerful!! I like it. My life is where My Mind is at,the power of Mind over matter. I like this post,very enlightening and it is so so true.

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