A letter to my Life-

When I first saw you…
I said “Oh my, that’s my dream, that’s my dream!”
My life has not been hard, it has not been easy either.
It has had so many moments of fear and anger.
A lot of it I can simply blame on everyone around me,
Less of it would really be true.
I had a suicide note, ready to be placed in my hands, ready to scare your eyes away.
But that never happened, the note did not come to pass.
Less of it would really be true.
“What a stupid idea.”
I look at my life and the person I have grown to become and no one can steal you away from me.
For when I first saw you- “I knew you were my dream” was exactly what was true and real.
I said “Oh my, Oh my- and I knew this is the dream.”
Trial, after trail, and step upon step.
Still you did not lose shape.
You, my life.
You have contained the meaning of who I am and what it means to be happy.
Thank you, I applaude you!
My life is written like a poem, not an easy start, not understood by everyone.
My life is contained in the pages of that book, where that poem is written and the lines are fading.
My life is what writes this, is what reads this, is what is this.
My life continues to bite on my lip and remind me that it is what allows me to be seen the way I am.
It gives me dignity and poise, it has allowed me to spread my wings and understand what this is…
This is life, my life.
Truly, that is what it is.
And I love it- thank you life for giving me you.



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