Another post, that means even more

With earphones in ear, and a great intro, I am ready to write.

As I begin to type, literally I lose the power in my hands and my phone falls to my lap. The power has all gone to my eyes and tears fall, this being the product of the music that I have chosen to feed to my ears. And as I thought that I had lost it (the intro) it comes right back. and begins: the time when all I knew was you.

The generosity of your deeds, the sacrifices and all the lessons. The thankfulness and all the fun times. Your love, your love, is powerful, is enough, is true. My parent.

You know what they say about life: life is made of ups and downs, and I remember all of them. Times when you had three children cry at the same time and times when you had them fall asleep at the exact time. I remember the day you took us to Rand Easter Show for the first time, I thought I was in another country.

And I remember the first time you were involved in a car high jacking…that was the first time I saw you fear your own life. And you know, as a child, you see your parent as the ultimate hero. She is not scared of anything or anyone, only your school principal.

That vulnerability taught me strength. I can never really explain Β to you how many lessons I have learnt and grown up with from all the things you went through. I saw all of it. And you wanted so badly to be a good person, and you now know that you were much better than you had planned to be.

See the gap that you have left and know your worth.

Love you many times,

<3, Your daughter


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