The part that men do not know…

A lesson on a true lady.

She has to be true to herself, but do not think that she does not doubt herself.

She knows what feels right all the time, and she looks for that all the time.

And believe it, she will move away from you if you are not the happiness she needs.

She knows what she deserves but she will not make you feel that you are not deserving of her .

She will appreciate you as you are and help you as you wish.

You will not know this, not beacuse you cannot see it, but because “you deserve it”

She will work hard to capture your heart.

but she will work as hard to forget it.

She is a fighter but is very good at taking defeat.

She knows that the kill is not in the sting, it is in the knowledge that the sting has been taken.

She is smart, not in everything ofcourse, but you will never know.

She loves you, so cherish her.

She needs you, so keep her.

She will forget you, just make sure it does not get to that point.

What you do not know about a woman is that it all starts here:


At the point where all you know are your values.

Kind regards,

A lady.



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