(This whole piece happened as I was trying to set the perfect scene for my mind, as I was preparing to write a piece dedicated to someone- my mother probably- my thoughts and my mind have a conversation,,,) my mind is very good at listening and my thoughts, they think a lot…


I believe it is hard to write something meaningful because I am not sad.

Mind: “Not true.”


I am constantly thinking “who will read it?”, “what will they think?”, “will they be inspired?”

But then again…

….what am I doing?

I am starting to lose the plot.

I am writing for you? who?

All of you are so differnt and like all sorts of things, so who do I write for, and who not?

(AAAAAH) leave my mind.

I see your face…you, you, you…ah

where is my face?

(thinking really hard, then relaxing the brain)

I still have not found the face, the face behind what I would write.

So why write?

Is that why I have not been able to find meaning?

(thinking and getting a frown on my fore, in deep thought)

I have found the sign..

I am not sad, I am not soggy, I am not depressed,

I am happy and glad and alive.

So let me write….TO MYSELF.




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