Writing: an addicts note.

That hobby I just cannot replace. That thing I cannot get over.

I need to start writing again.

I need that deep moment again when I relate to my soul .

I have not written in a while and my heart feels old.

I need that back where I frown my fore and go deep into thought before I write.

I need to write for the goodness of my heart.

I have tried another hobby, it makes me happy and gives me thrill, but it is not writing, and for that I have to drop it.

I need to write again.

Please give me a topic, give me a storm in my summer,

give me what I want because I need to write.

Who am I without the write?

A sole looking to be picked up?

That is how I feel.

Like a stranger looking into someones eyes like they know them,

Feeling their warmth and just waiting for them to say “let me save you”

Give me that warm embrace,

Smell my dirt

And still convince me of my worth,

THAT is what writing does for me.

I am going insane without you.

I know I need to read more, so I can write more.

I’ll do it, I promise.

If you give me this one chance.


I NEED to write.


4 thoughts on “Writing: an addicts note.

  1. Beautiful. Exquisite. PERFECT! I miss this side of myself. I’ve lost my mojo … I feel better knowing you can come up with something as great as this. #StandingOvation

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