Tittle Tales, these are those little lies we tell ourselves

I should admit, as a human being, you need to be self motivated.

Once in a while, you need to tell yourself something that goes beyond the limits of nature.

“I will pass that driving test, even though I have never actually driven in my life.”

Then there are those times where we tittle tale. Small words (can, I, no)

that are put together and attached to other small words (not, this, do)

to make a complete sentence which will change a whole day. [No, I cannot do this]

WE tell ourselves lies.

It is usually harder to believe that: ” I love you” and that, truly “You are beautiful.”

It is, though, much easier to completely submerge into: “No, I cannot do this.”

Not because we lack the knowledge or confidence. Not because we do not believe, but because we do it all at the same time.


Yes, We do it all at the same time.

We do not believe or have the knowledge or the confidence and that allows us to tittle tale.

Unfortunately we dig those words so deeply into ourselves and the day is spoilt.

All is blurry and no focus exists.

We try “to get back to reality” and “overcome this phase”

But with a reflection at the end of the day, we see, that truly the day was spoilt.

We look down on ourselves and smile like no one else has noticed “the loss”.

(thinking about it)


Do yourself a favour: KNOW, believe and see what happens next: confidence.

All limits can become new heights.


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