trying to understand why we are the lost generation

Trying to understand why we are the lost generation

This is one of those things that is so easy to be negative about. You can quickly hit the google button and see the stats on suicide, pregnancy, abortion rates and homosexuality.

It is easy to point all of that out because we see it every day and we have fallen into the trap of blocking it out. Not that it is a bad thing.

If I, personally, was to take into mind the number of abused children on the roads, drunk parents, high scholars in uniform and abortion lines in clinics, I would go psychotic.


Still trying to understand why we are the lost generation

A man on a news show said, after being asked to compare the youth of 2011 to that of 1976,: β€œThis generation is not lost, we were once called the lost generation and look at what we were able to accomplish…History.”


And I really believed him. He said the words with utmost confidence and I was willing to believe every single word he said from then on.

β€œI am not a lost youth,” none of us are.

There have always been gay people, they just have never been free enough to be assured of their freedom and acceptance in the community.


There was always teen pregnancy, and maybe the statistics have risen, but maybe that is because we are willing to see them as teenage pregnancies rather than β€œthe law”.

β€œI am not a lost generation,” none of us are.


I am certain there is not one person who wants to see themselves as the drunk man on the bus preaching about marriage. Or that lady who is always drunk and has never faced the challenge of a sober day.

I am sure there is no one person who gets lost on purpose. And if they do, they try to get every sensible reason in the book to justify themselves, but no one ever really buys into it.

The only way I see us being the lost generation is:

We are the lost generation because:(pause) we have found what those that were lost (pause) have always thought is found.(think)

(Read that again, slowly, thrice if you have to. And smile because you are destined to β€œmake it”. It is all up there.)



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