What I think about you~

Sometimes You just Need to write yourself a letter,

Here is mine~

“Dear Katlego, I mean it when I say ‘Dear’:

I think that you are destined for success.

You love what you do, and you aim to only excel.

You understand that it is not your smile that wins them over,

It is where it is coming from.

You are stubborn, I must say..

And you lose interest in those things they do (gossip, weight talk, food and men)

You have God in your heart, which is nice

But you know He should be in your soul. right?

You love life, even though it has taken away your angel.

That I think is amazing of you~

And, you still love Him, even after He has taken Her.

Keep it up child.

Do not forget your childhood dream,

That one where you are smiling and content with yourself,

I think the dream is stored under happiness in your memory.

And don’t forget: “Always work hard, so hard work with time, is easy.”

From: Your letter head~ “


2 thoughts on “What I think about you~

  1. hey there interesting letter to yourself… seems quite personal.. i think you shud elaborate on some of the aspects lady… but keep it up.

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