Is my argument wrong?

The ANC Youth League President, Julius Malema, has always urged “young people tp participate in sport.” And because sport is such an enveloping aspect, bringing together people of different age groups and race, getting them to work together as one.

The problem lies where there are sports facilities, but are not maintained so they can be used. As a youth of South Africa (21) I find it imperative to practise what I preach. Older people, our leaders, should also take upon their words and make turn-arounds.

The Moletsane Sports Complex was once a vibrant place, where over a 1000 children and young adult would meet over each week to play sport and keep fit. Each sporting code was filled with over 25 people, in exception to swimming. There were 5 handball teams and there is no team representing Moletsane anymore. Basketball has died, netball has followed and volleyball has been buried. This is a sad reality for the hopes that were given to young people in this township.

And today, 4days before municipal elections, an election party is held. The party will be hosted at the Moletsane Sports Complex with heavy weights like: Mahoota, Vetkook, Winnie Khumalo and Mono-T being thrown around. A lot of buzz has been created.

But in the larger sense of things, the same place where they are hosting their “ANC pre-elections party” is the same place where a lot of talented young people hopes and dreams died.

What message are our leaders giving us as youth?

“We wil pay more attention to getting ready for our beer and music feast, than spend any time on developing facilities that will help you succeed in something.”

NOTE: I was angry when I wrote this.


5 thoughts on “Is my argument wrong?

  1. I dnt blame u to be angry I for 1 is 1 of the young ppl who’s hope n dreams of sports die there n wen I c that place today eish:(I dnt hve words for tht! Bt wat I thing y the leaders r doing it is becoz young ppl love such things n they r easily taken by the naked eye thing flashy things,that thy dnt even c wen things r rong!were there we lyk it or nt ANc will win this elections Katli bt I love the point u raised!well let’s join heads n revamp the sports complex wat do u say?

  2. As long as there are people there’ll always be politics. Politics in my opinion will always be a universal problem that’ll never have a solution …

  3. Is simple Katlego Black ppl are scared of the unknown n change! N the belief thy hve hinders them period!

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