Noise, please pollute me

Does anyone still remember anything about noise pollution?

I remember the definition: “Noise pollution is excessive, displeasing human, animal or machine-created environmental noise that disrupts the activity or balance of human or animal life.”

There was a time[ I remember] when the issue of noise pollution was serious and we all had to listen to everything moderately.

Ululations at weddings were not done anymore because they caused pollution.

Taxi’s decreased their hooting for a while. LIFE as we know it had changed.

We were all in love with peace, and had respect for this thing that caused our environment so much pain.

Then,Lil’ Wayne was born into the world…”GLORIA” (angels singing) and everything went back to normal.

Taxi’s are definitely back at hooting all day long, even buses, trucks and trains have joined the culture.

Ululations are in full force at weddings, keeping gossip at a low, and brides on a high.

Nothing runs at a low volume anymore, test it.

Your ear phones are playing out loud, the sound system at home is abusive to the windows, (lets not mention the sound from that room upstairs when the kids aren’t home)

Horrible, just horrible.

Noise pollution is back, and Lil’ Wayne aint doing nothing about it.

Care for the noise I have made? comment!

2 thoughts on “Noise, please pollute me

  1. Lol! hai hai Kati wen did this “no noise” thing happen? I must have been hibernating….

    More like Wayne irritatingly increased noise pollution!

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